“What we have at Genesis Farms is the love of family,
the strength of personal discipline,
and the joy of having an attainable ideal.”


My daughter Kat and I have everything we need to develop and shape the performance donkey of the future. By blending the genetics of T.J.C. Clyde, Jarratt’s Desert Prince and A-Jacks El-Gato with our diverse band of jennets we are sure to strike that just right chord of size, agility and mind that will provide donkey enthusiasts with an animal that is built to satisfy.

Since 1999 Genesis Farms has grown into one of today’s top producers of show mules and performance donkeys. Kat has grown and developed right along with the program. In the past the farm has focused on mule and donkey production, recently we have cut back on our mare herd and increased our jennet pool by number and quality.

Showing and breaking donkeys to ride and drive, selling quality show donkeys and promoting them on the trail and across the country is what Kat and I do.

We invite you to look around our website and contact us with any questions you may have. We have met some of our closest and dearest friends through our work with these animals. We always have the time to talk with new converts, folks who are looking for help, folks
wishing to make connections or those who just want to dish about these fabulous longears.