Clyde’s El Jaguar

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Clyde’s El Jaguar 


Sire: TJC Clyde

Dam: Gato Del Salina by A-Jacks El-Gato

3 years ago we had an adorable set of twins. I kept Jaguar because I loved his color and he was the more personable of the two babies. So here he is all grown up and still adorable. Jag is a beautiful, dynamic mover, with a correct and athletic build. His pedigree offers the genetics of two NASMDA HOF Fame sires. We are offering Jag to the public for a modest stud fee, as a twin Jag’s mature height does not reflect what it would have been had he been a single foal. He will produce foals that reflect the size of his parents however, his dam’s mature height is 55 inches, his sire was 57 inches. We will be offering offspring from time to time by Jag, out of our diverse jennet herd. 

2016 Brown with white points, barred jack

Cooled shipped semen

$200.00 to mares LFG

$400.00 to jennets LFG