Bullet Downloads

Desert Full Metal Jacket aka “Bullet”, is a son of Jarratt’s Desert Prince and a grandson of TJC Clyde on his dams side. Bullet came back to us after being sold to Joe Ritchie as his last wish. Joe loved Bullet and wanted him where he could be promoted as a sire of the very best in performance donkeys. We will honor and respect Joe in this request, going forward Bullet will be a part of the work we are doing at Genesis Farms. He brings home to us the jack lines of two of our superior sires that we will be blending with our Gato line. This will bring about the culmination of years of planning and development. With Bullet we will now be producing stock that represents all three of our original jack lines. It’s an exciting time for the farm and it’s future. We know Joe is nearby with all of Bullets successes, we are blessed to have the steady partnership of his wife Phyllis.

Bullet exhibits the forwardness, strength, class, mind and style that only Clyde and Prince could bring to the table. His pedigree alone puts him in a class all by himself.

Desert Full Metal Jacket

2013 Gray Jack

Cooled Shipped Semen

$450.00 to mares LFG

$600.00 to Jennets LFG