The Genesis line

9/7/2017 will always be a date of particular importance to this farm. It’s a date we’ve worked for for many years, a date that has given us a tangible representative of our mission statement which was written in 2007.

“My daughter Kat and I have everything we need to develop and shape the performance donkey of the future. By blending the genetics of T.J.C. Clyde, Jarratt’s Desert Prince and A-Jacks El-Gato with our diverse band of jennets we are sure to strike that just right chord of size, agility and mind that will provide donkey enthusiasts with an animal that is built to satisfy.”

When we started in this business jacks were developed, promoted and marketed for the most part as the individual and his value was what he accomplished by way of producing mules. Much of the genetics of donkeys were focused on those of hair color, height and ear length. Very few jacks were shipping semen, most jack owners refused to breed to outside jennets and only a handful of jacks had the temperament to be shown under saddle. That was the view in 1999.

Today, the scenery is dramatically different. Performance donkeys and donkey production have their own chapter, their own champions with pedigrees that are rich in the precious metals of movement, tractability, athleticism and a beauty that is attractive to even the most discerning eye. The expectation now for many potential mule breeders is what has the jack produced and what has he accomplished in his own right by way of performance competition.

The future for Genesis Farms began on 9/7/2017. On that day was born a jack foal that has the genetics of three NASMA Hall of Fame jacks. Each of these foundation sires has an individual performance and halter record of merit. Each sire has established himself as a producer of fine mules but of greater importance to this farm, they have produced performance donkeys of the highest quality. Each foal born at our farm that has this genetic footprint will have the Genesis prefix in their registered name. Each of these foals will be branded with the Genesis line brand.

Our radical view of the future is the conceptualization of the performance donkey unchained from the ties to mule production. Performance jacks standing that can be promoted and marketed solely on quality of performance donkey he produces, his personal performance history and the performance rich history of his bloodlines. Jennets and geldings selected and valued because of the performance based power of their family name. This is our focus and this is what we do.


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